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I’m Karen, a wife of twenty-seven years, a mother of two adult children and a grandmother of two (Mini-me and my Teddy Ruxpin).  A native of Brooklyn NY…raised in Charlotte NC.  Welcome to my Fashion-Lifestyle and Beauty Blog, (Fashionality.org)…A Blogazine of sorts.

Let me take a moment to enlighten you on how the idea for my blog came about. Like most women of a certain age, in the months approaching my fiftieth birthday, I did a lot of self reflecting. In a society that promotes anti-aging as if aging is some type of plague verses an honor, I asked myself what is a woman of fifty suppose to look like, what exactly does a woman of fifty years look like…what does it mean to be middle-age and at this stage in my life, how do I present the best version of me to the universe.

I recalled Mother at fifty and her Mother in her fifties, and though time had been generous to them, I realized there were many factors in each of their lifestyles that differed between their fifty and mines. Fifty was by no means what it use to be and according to my vision and the way in which my body has succumb to gravity, nor is it the new thirty.

After a short period of angst associated with such a milestone, I realized I could not generalize a woman of fifty. I realized that every decennial of my life’s journey (the good-bad and the ugly) had served a purpose exclusive to me only, that now defined the woman I am today; just as it had when I was forty…just as it had when I was thirty…and even in my twenties. My fifty looks and feels just like me, and without further ado that is exactly how I am to present myself.

My analogy for me and fifty is a relationship in sync…I no longer need to figure out how to settle into fifty…fifty had settled into me and I must say, we complement one another quite well. I attribute much of this to a conscious decision  to make a daily effort to maintain good health and make positive affirmations a must at the start of everyday, along with daily prayers, all of which envelopes me with a positive energy.

With over thirty years in fashion and beauty, my energy allows me to not only explore but also have fun with my passion for fashion. I believe style in every aspect of our lives is a personal expression and a reflection of who we are at any given stage in our lives. As women we are ever-changing. In my fifties I have no desire to express the girl I was in my twenties or the young woman I was at thirty, however some days I feel sexy and may wear a sheer blouse and a pair of fitted jeans, or I may feel even a bit provocative on another day and don a bustier, whatever the case may be, because I embrace my grace I’m able to express each of these fashionalities and many more with confidence, class and sophistication…in other words STYLE!

Being in my fifties is nothing less than awesome. I can attest as a flawed species we are not meant to live a perfect life but a whole life, and though I will always be a work in progress, I can feel my journey coming full circle as I experience gratitude unlocking a fullness within me. I am present for every experience and every lesson…taking nothing for granted. I’m so excited about life I simply choose to LIVE OUT LOUD!

So there you have it. Thank you for joining me. I hope those of you (no matter what your age) with a passion for fashion and an interest in lifestyle and beauty will subscribe and continue to be enlightened.

Karen Farrar

Thanks for visiting…and have an awesome day!


  1. Kay Beasley
    January 28, 2015 @ 1:06 am

    Thats is awesome at fifty I had to reflect on how far I have come, I’m very big on fashion,and how I look when I step out. I want to look sexy when I feel sexy ,but not like a twenty year old so I had to re think the way I dress as a fifty year old sexy mom, and wife, so now I look at it as classy sexy!!! 50 is Awesome!!!!!!


  2. Patricia Smith
    January 28, 2015 @ 1:56 am

    I love this I struggle at times with whats appropriate to wear while im my forties. Thanks for my confirmation its how i feel at that moment no im not trying to be 20 or 30 im just loving , embracing and enjoying every moment being the best me in my 40’s . So again thanks for the insight fashion ideas and not to mention letting the world know 50 is not a desease .


  3. Dee Cochrane
    February 15, 2015 @ 2:51 am

    interesting blog by Karen. Would like to subscribe.


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